Multi Cloud Solutions

With over 4 years of experience in multi-cloud platforms, I have helped businesses reduce infrastructure costs and helped teams improve their development cycle by adopting cloud native solutions. I have helped architect solutions to drive automation of multiple parts of infrastructure and deployment systems

I have experience in setting up serverless functions for repetitive and administrative tasks, to designing, deployment and configuration of multi-cloud infrastructure using automation. I have helped teams streamline their development cycle and reduce toil by configuring smart CI/CD pipelines that reduces time to deploy by over 80%, and minimizes downtime when delivering frequent changes.

Multi Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Infra Automation

Terraform, Ansible, ARM, CFT Templates


AWS Lambdas, Fargate (w ECS), Azure Functions, AWS Step Functions,Google Cloud Functions


Datadog, Nessus, Aviatrix, Centrify

Obersvability & Monitoring

Datadog, Prometheus, Graphana, AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitoring, AWS SNS, SES, Slack Integrations


Automating and cofiguration of service accounts and role bindings for service integrations


openSUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS


Hands on with various CLI tools for development ad troubleshooting - awscli, kubectl, gcloud, heroku, git bash


Hands on with Linux/ Unix systems - file system, package management, networking, security, users, groups, permissions

Scriptting And Languages

Python3, Shell, PowerShell, Node, TypeScript, Go

CI CD, Build & Release Pipelines

Jenkins, GitLabs, Github Actions, Azure Pipelines

Compute, Storage, Networking

Creation and configuration of EC2, VMs, GCEs, EBS, EFS, Data Disks, NICs, VNets, Subnets and security groups (NSG)