Full Stack

Web Development introduced me to programming and more importantly taught me how to hone skills to solve complex problems in simple, efficient ways in a given timeframe.

How It All Started

I started my career as a Web Developer and soon moved into a Full Stack role. I started with simple frameworks and architectures and eventually moved to complex SOA and Microservices on Node, Python and Java. I got introduced to Docker, Kubernetes and this was my intial intro to DevOps and Cloud engineering.

How It's Going Right Now

While I'm not pursuing Full Stack as passionately as I used to, I do brush up on any new advancements (WebAssembly, Rust, Go FTW) when I can. You can visit my older portfolio website (no longer maintained) for more background, but here's a summary below.


3 Tier Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Microservices


ReactJS (+ Contexts, Hooks), Redux, TypeScript, VueJS, VueX


NodeJS, Express, Python, Flask, NextJS


MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase RealTimeDB, CloudStore

Unit Testing

Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, Istanbul

DevOps & Cloud

Jenkins, Docker, K8s, Travis CI, Azure, GCP (Basics), AWS (Basics)

Code Revisioning

Github, Git Bash, Github Desktop, TFS


MacOS, Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20, WSL/2, Windows 10


React Native, Expo, Kotlin (Basics)


VSCode Extensions, Google Chrome Extensions, NVM, Indexed DB, Service Workers, Firebase Hosting, Heroku, Formik, Yup