DevOps & Cloud

With 3 years of relevent experience, I am proficient in various DevOps tools and practices. I have architected solutions to drive automation of multiple parts of infrastructure and deployment systems.

How It All Started

When you have to do something more than once, its makes sense to get it automated. I initially got involved with teams who were improving feedback loops in their dev and testing cycles. This set me up on a path to explore patterns and innovative solutions for both deployment systems and infra to make tasks easier and faster to manage.

How It's Going Right Now

I have assisted teams to setup automation for infrastructure, build and deployment systems. I have setup monitoring, alerting and security solutions that help bring costs down and keep systems secure.

Docker & Kubernetes

Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Cluster Maintenance, Namespaces, Volumes, Networking.

Linux Administration

File system, Terminal, Package Management, Editors, Networking, Security, Users, Groups, Permissions.

Cloud Compute Providers

Azure, GCP. Creation, Management and Access Control to various cloud resources.

Serverless Computing

Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions.


Pyhon 3, Web Develeopment with Flask, Scripting, Simple Automation with Python.

Infrastructure, Config As Code

Ansible, Terraform, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates.

CI CD, Build & Release Pipelines

Github Actions, GitLabs CI/CD, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, Slack Integrations, etc

Compute, Storage, Networking

Understanding of various components and how they work together.

Deployments & Hosting

Azure VMs hosted on Azure (IaaS), Azure WebApps (PaaS), Azure Docker Instances, Heroku, Firebase Hosting

System Design

System design concepts and architectures for highly scalable, maintainable systems. Microservices.

Source Control

Github, Git Bash, SourceTree, Branching and Merging Strategies.